Biography of Sudhamoy Pramanick



Read Biography of Sudhamoy PramanickSudhamoy Pramanick was born on September 11 September 1884 in Shantipur, India & died on October 2 October 1974 in Calcutta, was a Bengaliadvocate from Shantipur. He was the lifetime secretary of the Tili Samaj – in his time he was one of the fortunate Presidencians – a year senior to Rajendra Prasad. He was a social activist – member of the Indian National Congress and involved with the Satyagraha movement to campaign for Indian independence.

Sudhamoy was the eldest of ten siblings born to the Pramanick / Pramanik family in 1884 in Shantipur. He did his early schooling in Shantipur and went on to the Presidency College, Calcutta to acquire his degree inscience in the early 20th century. Later he obtained a degree in law from the University of Calcutta and practised in Raiganj and the Sealdah courts as an advocate.

Being well versed in Sanskrit, on his literary side he translated and edited papers on Sanskrit literature. As a secretary of the Tili Samaj he was vociferous against social evils like the Pon protha (Dowry) in the Bangiya Tili Samaj Patrika.

In 1930, Raigunj celebrated Independence day (Purna Swaraj) on 26 January against the British Raj – he and Umeshchandra Bhowmik were the Congress leaders enacting the historic Lahore resolution of the CWC. In March 1930, as mass disobedience gathered momentum in Bengal, several Congress leaders (including Netaji – then Bengal Provincial Congress Committee President), were arrested. On April 15, on the occasion of theBengali New Year, Sudhamoy presided over public meetings in Raigunj as a part of the Civil Disobedience Movement in blatant violation of the Salt Laws. Braving arrests by the British, volunteers from all over the district, including women, paraded the streets of Raigunj.

Few years later he moved to Calcutta. With his eldest sons completing their education, he started devoting more time in Sealdah Civil Court – fighting to free many an activist – at times risking his career. He was also known for helping poor students.

He was one of the lucky few who lived on to see fourth generation of his children.


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