Biography for Jeetendra


Date of Birth

7 April 1942, Bombay, Maharashtra, India

Birth Name

Ravi Kapoor


Jumpin’ Jack

Mini Biography

Ravi Kapoor was born in a business family that dealt with imitation jewelery. While supplying jewelry to V. Shantaram, he was cast as Sandhya’s double in the 1959 movie ‘Navrang’.

His first break as a Bollywood leading man came in ‘Geet Gaya Patharon Ne’. Although Ravi Kapoor was born on April 7, 1942, Jeetendra birth’s took place in 1964.

Ravi had met his present wife, Shobha, when she was only 14. She completed school, went to college, and was employed as an Air Hostess with British Airways. It was not until the release of ‘Bidaai” (opposite Leena Chandavarkar) on October 18, 1974, that Jeetendra and Shobha decided to get married, which they did in a simple ceremony on at Janki Kutir with only a few family and friends present (Gulzar, and Sanjeev Kumar amongst the noted celebrities). The marriage was arranged hastily, as even Shobha’s mom, who was in Japan at that time, could not attend.

Shobha gave birth to a daughter, Ekta, and subsequently to a son, Tusshar. While Ekta became a producer of TV serials, mostly starting with ‘K’, Tusshar followed in his dad’s footsteps. Ekta and Ravi run a production company by the name of Balaji Films, and have produced 5 Bollywood movies, 2 of which have Tusshar in the lead role. Their TV productions are usually in Hindi or Tamil languages.

Jeetendra, known for his t-shirt suit, and white shoes, nicknamed ‘jumping jack’, starred in over 200 movies, spanning from 1959 to 2005 ‘Ho Jaata Hai Pyaar’. He made a guest appearance in a TV serial ‘Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thee’.

Jeetendra has acted opposite Mumtaz, Jaya Pradha, Sridevi, Komal, Hema Malini, Babita, Jaya Bhaduri, Reena Roy, Saira Banu, Rekha, Neetu Singh, Moushumi Chatterjee, Bhanupriya, Madhavi, Anita Raaj.

Whether running around trees, singing songs, or playing serious characters (Parichay, Khushboo, Dulhan), Jeetendra has always proved himself as an excellent actor, a family man, whose marriage is still intact, and someone who has yet to be involved in any controversy. Many feel that the era of the tall, handsome, idealistic heroes (Dharmendra, Rajendra Kumar, etc.) is an era that will forever remain etched in people’s memories.


Shobha Kapoor (31 October 1974 – present) 2 children



Father of actor Tusshar Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor, the head of Balaji Telefilms, India’s number one television production house.

He is the only Indian actor to have appeared as a hero in nearly 200 films, repeatedly costarring with the biggest heroines of his time: Rekha,Hema Malini, Reena Roy, Sridevi, and Jayapradha.

He got his first major break when film-maker Shantaram cast him as the hero in Geet Gaaya Pattharonne (1964). The actor jumped into the spotlight with Farz (1967), and his vigorous dancing in subsequent films like Caravan (1971) and Humjoli (1970) won him the epithet “Jumping Jack”.

Bappi Lahiri composed for films starring Jeetendra from Himmatwala. Together Bappi and Jeetendra set a record by giving 12 consecutive silver jubilee hits in period 1983-1985. The only other music director-actor to have a much better track record are Rajesh Khanna-R.D.Burman and Rajesh Khanna-Lakshmikant Pyarelal.

His career’s first blockbuster, without being a remake of a Tamil Film, was Caravan in 1970.

Rajshree Shantaram was paired opposite Jeetendra in 3 films – Geet Gaaya Pattharonne, Suhaag Raat, Gunahon Ka Devta and except for Gunahon Ka Devta the other two were box office hits.

Jeetendra regards Rajaram Vankudre Shantaram, Ramanna and L.V.Prasad as his mentors in the film industry.

Romantically paired opposite Jaya Prada in 26 films and 19 were hits.

Jeetendra-Rekha were romantically paired in 26 films and had 15 of the 26 as hits starting from 1972-1998 but have worked together in 31 films.

It was Jeetendra who introduced director K. Raghavendra Rao to Rajesh Khanna when Raghavendra wanted to cast Khanna for his films Naya Kadam and Masterji. Though Raghvendra’s father K.S.Prakash Rao had directed Khanna in Prem Nagar, Raghvendra had never met Rajesh Khanna personally so insisted on Jeetendra making them meet.

K.Bappaiah directed Jeetendra in 11 films and 8 were box office super-hits -Dildaar, Dil Aur Deewaar, Takkar, Mawaali, Maqsad, Pataal Bhairavi, Ghar Sansar, Swarag Se Sunder and 3 box office flops were – Majaal, Himmat Aur Mehanat and Aag Aur Shola.

Rama Rao Tatineni directed Jeetendra in 9 films of which 7 were super-hits. They were Lok Parlok , Judaai, Ek Hi Bhool, Yeh Desh , Maang Bharo Sajana, Haqeeqat, Sadaa Suhagan, Dosti Dushmani , Insaf Ki Pukar and of them, except for Yeh Desh and Sadaa Suhagan, 7 were box office hits.

Jeetendra considered K.Raghvendra Rao to be his luckiest Director as 10 of the 11 films directed by him turned out to be blockbusters – Nishana , Farz Aur Kanoon, Himmatwala, Justice Chaudhury, Jaani Dost, Tohfa, Mera Saathi, Hoshiyar, Suhagan and Dharm Adhikari. Only one film, Kamyaab, was a flop.

Narayana Rao Dasari directed Jeetendra for first time in the hit film Swarag Narak and delivered 6 more blockbusters like Jyoti Bane Jwala, Pyaasa Sawan, Mehndi Rang Layegi, Prem Tapasya, Haisiyat, Santaan(1993). Their only commercial failures were Zakhmi Sher and Sarfarosh(1985).

Jeetendra along with Dev Anand have second most solo hero Hindi Films to their credit – 98 behind Rajesh Khanna who holds record for most number of films with being solo lead hero in 106 films.

Jeetendra’s successful films in 1968-71 Jeene Ki Raah, Jigri Dost, Humjoli were remakes of M.G.R blockbusters Naan Yen Pirenden, Maatkara Velen and Periya Edathu Pen respectively. Hindi remakes were also successful and this helped him forge strong relations with Southern producers. His career’s first hit Farz in 1967 was remake of Telugu film Goodachari 116 starring Krishna Ghattamaneni.

Jeetendra was 2nd highest paid Hindi actor from 1980-1989 and shared the tag of 4th highest paid Hindi actor with Amitabh from 1976-1979.

Jeetendra gave 116 box office hits (excluding guest appearances in hits Roti and Om Shanti Om) as the lead hero from 1964-1997, off the 222 films he appeared till 2007.

Jeetendra received critical acclaim in 1970’s for his roles in Ek Nari Ek Brahmachari, Caravan and Gulzar’s films like Parichay, and box office flops Khushboo and Kinara. Coincidently all these 4 films had music by R.D.Burman.

In the 80’s his critically acclaimed films were Meri Aawaz Suno, Ek Hi Bhool, Justice Chaudhury, Khudgarz, New Delhi. Other critically acclaimed but box office flops were Boond Jo Ban Gayee Moti, Mere Humsafar, Udhaar Ki Zindagi and box office hits like Nyay Anyay, Santaan(1993), Tahqiqaat, Geetanjali, Chupp, Lav Kush(1997).

Monetarily his weak period was 1967-1975, where he was offered lesser amounts to star as the hero. His best period, money-wise and for box office hits, was 1979-1987, where he was signed by southern producers for 2-3 films together and payment to Jeetendra was made for each film at a half of market rate of Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan. Having more films in his hand, he earned the most in the period 1980-1989 though actors who were highest paid per film remained Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh in the period 1980-87. Jeetendra was the 2nd highest paid Hindi actor from 1980-89.

It was a mere coincidence that his initial hits came with South producers only. Farz and Waris, were remakes of Tamil hits, and was offered to Jeetendra when he was not established star. After these 2 films became hits, other producers who used to make films both in Hindi and Tamil, offered Jeetendra lead roles, when they either could not get their first choice Rajesh Khanna, due to date issues or because they could not afford Rajesh Khanna.

In the late 60’s his multi star hit films were Parivar, Mere Huzoor and his solo hero hits in late 60’s were Suhaag Raat, Waris, Vishwas, Jigri Dost, Jeene Ki Raah, Dharti Kahe Pukarke.

Geet Gaaya Pattharonne was his first hit, but that didn’t fetch him offers as a lead hero. It was Farz released in 1967, his 4th film appearance and 3rd as the male lead, which made him a known face.

Jeetendra and Rajesh Khanna went to the same school and college – St.Sebastain Goan School and Kishanchand Chellaram College. But unlike Khanna, who actively participated in inter-college competitions and won many awards, Jeetendra never participated in any drama competitions during his college days.

Jeetendra’s closest friends were Rakesh Roshan, Rishi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Asrani, Kader Khan, Bappi Lahiri.

The directors who constantly gave box office hits with Jeetendra in the period 1976-1989 were J. Om Prakash, Narayana Rao Dasari, Rama Rao Tatineni, K. Raghavendra Rao and K. Bapaiah.


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  1. How come no mention of movies that were directed by J. Omprakash (Rakesh Roshan’s father-in-law)? Apnapan, Asha, Apna bana lo, Arpan, etc. They were all hits. Asha and Apnapan were super-hits.

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