Biography of Mumtaz


Date of Birth

31 July 1947, Bombay, India

Birth Name

Mumtaz Askari




5′ 7″ (1.70 m)

Mini Biography

Mumtaz entered the film scene as a cherubic young girl of 14-15 years of age in 60s. Too young to be cast as leading lady, she started with bit roles only, but was not missed, and quickly graduated to lead roles in low budget movies. She was extremely versatile, beautiful, charming, and stole everybody’s heart by her captivating looks and inspired performances in each of her film. She quickly out-shadowed and dethroned the established queens in a very short time because of her histrionics. Mumtaz was sensitive, quick to understand and translate every nuance hinted at, onto the screen. Even in her brief roles against established actresses, she was the one who got noticed more and lingered in viewers memories for longer periods. She acted in more than 100 films during a short career span of 14 years, and there is not even a single film in which her performance could not be termed as excellent. In her very first film with significant banner and role, Khilona (1970), she won the most coveted Filmfare award in 1970. She has also been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by Filmfare in 1997. She was in the Marilyn Monroe mould; every man’s fantasy woman. She outshone everybody because of the simple reason that she was so versatile that every role appeared as if it was written with just Mumtaz in mind. Whether the role was negative or positive, serious or light, she proved her worth. Whether the role was for an urbanite or rustic, majestic or pauper, innocent or vile, gentle or venomous, coy or flaunting, Mumtaz just fitted them like a glove. The public adulation for her is still strong. The response to the continuous spate of screening of her movies on various television channels, even after more than two decades of her self-retirement, proves her tremendous unending popularity due to her incomparable charisma.

IMDb Mini Biography By: Arun Golas <>

Mini Biography

On July 31, 1947 Abdul Sameed Askari and Sardar Begum Habib Agha, both of Iranian origin but settled in Bombay, India, were blessed with a daughter, who they decided to name Mumtaz, who would be sister to Malika, and step-sister to Shazhath and Sharook and cousin of villain Roopesh Kumar

Mumtaz’ only Filmi connections were through her actress sister, Malika, which soon ended when Malika got married and quit Bollywood.

Mumtaz first starred as a child artiste in 1952 in ‘Sanskar’. Thereafter she appeared in ‘Yasmin’, ‘Stree’, ‘Wallah Kya Baat Hai’, ‘Main Shaadi Karne Chala’, ‘Dr. Vidya’, ‘Sehra’, ‘Rustom Sohrab’ and ‘Mujhe Jeene Do’.

Her first role as an adult was in 1963 ‘Gehra Daag’. Thereafter she starred opposite Dara Singh in ‘Faulad’. This heralded to the public at large that Mumtaz had arrived. Her career, in just over a decade, would span close to 115 movies.Opposite Dara Singh – Faulad, Veer Bhimsen, Samson , Hercules, Tarzan Comes to Delhi, Sikandar E Azam, Rustom-E-Hind, Raaka, Boxer, Daku Mangal Singh were successful.She became the top paid B grade film heroine in period 1963-1968 and earned 2.5 lakhs per film she starred with Dara Singh.

Between the years 1963 through to 1977 Mumtaz is remembered for her roles in ‘Roti’, ‘Dushmun’, ‘Sacha Jhutha’ ‘Prem Kahani’, ‘Aap Ki Kasam’, ‘Bandhan’ & ‘Do Raaste’ opposite Rajesh Khanna; an award winning performance in ‘Khilona’ opposite Sanjeev Kumar; ‘Chor Machaye Shor’ with Shashi Kapoor; ‘Jheel Ke Us Paar’, ‘Loafer’ & ‘Mere Hamdam Mere Dost’ with Dharmendra; ‘Apradh’ opposite Feroz Khan; ‘Tangewala’ opposite Rajendra Kumar; ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ & ‘Tere Mere Sapne’ with Dev Anand; ‘Upasna’ & ‘Mela’ with Sanjay Khan; ‘Humnjoli’ with Jeetendra; ‘Brahmachari’ opposite Shammi Kapoor; ‘Hamraaz’ with Raaj Kumar; ‘Ram Aur Shyam’ with Dilip Kumar.

Whether she played a child artiste, a vamp, a character actress, or the leading lady, Mumtaz gave the role her very best, and thus carved a name for herself in the minds of her fans, viewers, and movie makers.

Mumtaz won the Best Actress award for her character as Chand in ‘Khilona’ during 1970, and in 1996 went to receive the Lifetime AchievementAward.

Mumtaz quit Bollywood after she married Mayur Madhwani in 1974 but left India only after completing her films opposite Rajesh Khanna in 1976 and thereafter re-located to Britain. There she gave birth to two daughters, Natasha and Tanya.

In 2006 Mumtaz was again in the headlines in India when Natasha got married to Feroz Khan’s son, Fardeen Khan.

IMDb Mini Biography By: rAjOo

Mayur Madhwani (29 May 1974 – present) 2 children



Origin: Iranian

Mother: Sardar Begum Habib Agha

Father: Abdul Sameed Askari

Her daughter, Natasha, married Bollywood actor, Fardeen Khan, in January, 2006.

Her daughters: Natasha and Tanya.

In-law of Hrithik Roshan.

Family hails from Shiraz, Iran.

In-law of Feroz Khan.

Mother-in-Law of Fardeen Khan.

Mumtaz was paired opposite Dara Singh in 16 films and 10 were box office hits.


Personal Quotes

I feel blessed to have worked with Rajesh Khanna. Had it not been for him, I would have been never considered as an actress who can do lead roles. Bandhan and Do Raaste were two films I was shooting with Rajesh Khanna before Kaka got the superstar status. Once Aradhana released and well known senior critics hailed him as the first superstar of India ever.Subsequently our two films got released and became platinum jubilee hits and since I played his romantic interest in both these films, I began getting plum roles from then on as the lead actress. From being a supporting actress in A grade films and being a lead heroine in B grade films, after I got paired with Superstar Rajesh Khanna I became the highest paid actress from 1969-1975.

I feel very proud that Rajesh Khanna and mine pair is the only on-screen romantic couple to have recorded 100% success at the box office as the lead pair of the film as well as having all 8 of them as critically acclaimed. All our 8 films were Platinum Jubilee Hits with the last being Prem Kahani in 1975.


Where Are They Now

(May 1974) UK/Uganda: Retired after marriage


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