Biography Of John Cena




Name: John Felix Anthony Cena
Ring Names of John Cena: The Champ, The Chain Gang Commander
Date of Birth: April 23, 1977
Born: West Newbury, Massachusetts
Resides: Tampa, Florida
Debut: February 16.2000
 6 feet 1 inches
Weight: 240 pounds (110kg)
Finishing Move:Attitude Adjustment, STF

Career Highlights: World Heavyweight Champion, WWE Champion, U.S. Champion, World Tag Team Champion, 2008 Royal Rumble Winner

About Cena : John Felix Anthony Cena was born on 23rd April 1977 in West Newbury. He is a complete all rounder i.e. he can act, fight, sing and entertain. He made his debut in WWE on February 16, 2000. He is reigning champion of Raw (till December 2008). In his wrestling career he has been four time world champion, three times United States Champion and one time World Heavy Weight Champion. Before coming to this profession he had done his graduation in Exercise Physiology in 1998. He had also acted in 20th Century Fox Film “The Marine” which was released world wide on March 27 , 2007 .He is also famous American Hip Hop Musician. Cena often waive his hand in air in front of his opponent face and say “You Can’t See Me”. These words are from his smash hit debut music album “You Can’t See Me” which was released in May 10, 2005.


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