Biography Of Undertaker





Name: Mark William Calaway
Ring Name: The Undertaker, The Punisher and Cain The Undertaker
Date of Birth: 24 March 1965
Born: Houston, Texas
Resides: Austin and Texas
Trained By: Don Jardine
Height: 6 feet 10 ½ inches
Weight: 299 pounds (136kg)
Finishing Move: Choke slam, Tombstone and Last Ride.
WWE Debut: Nov. 22, 1990


Career Highlights: WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, World Tag Team Champion, WCW Tag Team Champion, Hardcore Champion and Undefeated at Wrestle Mania (16-0).


About Undertaker: Mark William Calaway was born on 24th March 1965 in Houston, Texas. Undertaker is the only wrestler in WWE history who is undefeated at Wrestle mania (16 – 0). He was also winner of Royal Rumble 2007. He came into this profession in 1984 when he began his career with World Class Championship Wrestling and he came into WWE on November 19, 1990 and made his debut in Wrestle mania at Wrestle mania 6th. Apart from his breath taking stunts in wrestling Dead Man is crazy about motorcycles. He had bikes like Harley Davidson and West Coast Chopper Motorcycles. About his education he had completed his graduation from Waltrip High School in 1983 and was ex – member of Basketball team. He got married Jodi Lynn in 1989 and got divorced in 1999. After that he married to Sara on July 21st 2000 and have two daughters named Chasey and Gracie.


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