Biography of Francis Hauksbee (The Younger)


Francis Hauksbee the Younger was English instrument maker, scientist, and lecturer who contributed to early studies of electricity, particularly in colaboration with Francis Hauksbee the Elder. Francis Hauksbee the Younger, English instrument maker, scientist, and lecturer was born possibly in 1687.

His father John Hauksbee was born about 1650 in Colchester, Essex, England, and his mother had name Mary. Francis Hauksbee the Younger was Christened on 15 April, 1688, at All Hallows The Great, London, England. He was the nephew of Francis Hauksbee the Elder.

As early as about 1714, Hauksbee began giving lectures, with demonstrating experiments. By 1723, he had secured a sufficient reputation to be elected clerk and housekeeper to the Royal Society, Britain’s major scientific society. Meanwhile he had established a manufactory in Fleet Street, where he made and sold air pumps, hydrostatic balances, and reflecting telescopes. Over the years he authored or co-authored a number of treatises dealing with such subjects as laboratory methods, chemistry, astronomical instruments, electricity, and pneumatics.

Francis Hauksbee the Younger died on January 11, 1763.


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