Small Business Advertising Ideas



The definition of advertising and related resources for small business owners.

10 Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Business

Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. Get the word out about your business with these ten promotion techniques that are effective and inexpensive!

Making Your Advertising Personal

About Advertising Guide Apryl Duncan explains how to drive your advertising message home by personalizing it. Use these writing rules to seal the deal.

Small Budget Advertising

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re on a budget diet, there are still ways to bypass high cost advertising. Here’s a collection of low-cost ideas from About Advertising Guide Apryl Duncan.

5 Tips for a Great Brochure

Want to create your own business brochure? About Home Business Guide Randy Duermyer presents the key tips a home business owner should know that will help provide professional results.

Yellow Pages Advertising Quick Tips

Tips that explain the advantages and essentials you need to create your own Yellow Pages ad from About Advertising Guide Apryl Duncan.

Advertising Checklist

“How-to” article presents 8 guidelines for creating memorable advertising. Useful for making sure that your ads are doing what you want them to do. From the CCH Business Owner’s Toolkit.

Advertising Media

Entertaining article from the CCH Business Owner’s Toolkit presents a chart on how the average U.S. advertising dollar is spent, and information on 8 major types of advertising used by small businesses, including low-cost advertising, telephone directories, and print ads.

Measuring the Results of Your Advertising

How to evaluate your advertising on a continuing basis to make sure your ads are worth what you’re spending on them. Both offline and online advertising are covered (Canada Business Service Centres).

Guidelines For Developing a Company Brochure

A good outline of what a company brochure is and the steps of designing a brochure by Canada Business Service Centres. Particularly useful for people who haven’t used a brochure before.

Low- and No-Cost Advertising

Looking for ideas to advertise your business that won’t cost you a bundle? This list from the CCH Business Owner’s Toolkit will give you lots of ideas, and some of them are quite innovative.

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