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Online Marketing: A Quick Guide

Online Marketing is using the internet to market your product or service. Online Marketing, also known as Internet Marketing or Online advertising, has become popular for a couple of reasons. Marketing is no longer about putting your product and prices in front of the customer. Now you need to engage and appeal to your customer on a human level.

Online marketing, from email to social media, allows you connect with your customer on various levels; not only does this make you more available but gives you more opportunity to reach customers outside of your immediate market.

Online Marketing Options

There are many different types of online marketing available to promote products or services. Some of the most popular involve Search Engine Marketing, which is the process of increasing the visibility of a website in search engine results.

An SEM campaign specialist will work with link building off of your webpage to let others know about your company. Marketing services and online advertising marketing can be difficult to comprehend and follow through with if you aren’t a trained specialist. For the most effective campaign, work with a qualified vendor with seasoned expertise in the field.

There are essentially two categories of SEM:

  • Sponsored Links or Pay-per-click (PPC) allows advertisers to advertise, typically on the right side of the search page. The advertiser’s ad appears whenever someone searches for designated keywords and the advertiser pays each time someone clicks on the ad.  However, once the ad budget has been spent, the ad no longer appears unless the advertiser deposits more money.
  • Organic Search or “Natural Search” uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods in order to increase a website’s likelihood of appearing in natural search results. Natural search results are typically the main body of a search page.
  • Unlike PPC, if your site is ranked in natural results, you will improve the visibility of your website and distinguish yourself from your online competitors. Plus, organic results are not directly tied to a budget like PPC. Approximately 70-80% of clicks occur in the natural space versus 20-30% in the PPC space. The benefits of attaining natural rankings can significantly benefit your business and is a quick and accurate way to attract new customers.

But that’s not all:

  • Email marketing is a commonly used business marketing technique. Business owners gather useful information about their customers in order to build a relationship with the consumer and connect them with information that may lead to a purchase.
  • Banner ads follow the typical advertising approach where businesses can place an ad on another, complimentary website with a link to drive users to their website.
  • Affiliate marketing has also become a trend in the business world. This referral program pays when someone clicks on an ad from someone else’s website and becomes a paying customer.

Important Questions to Ask

One thing to remember about choosing an online marketing business vendor is that they should have three main goals. Online marketing services should increase the Internet visibility of your company, enhance your customer relations, and improve your profits through e-commerce and/or lead generation.


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