Sales Tips and Advice


We always have things to learn when it comes to sales. You’ll find the best sales tips and advice in this resource of valuable information from the pros.

Tone of Voice: A Hinderance or a Help to Your Success

Do not underestimate the power in the tone of your voice. How well do you use your voice to express emotion and emphasize the importance of your message? In today’s world where more business is done over the telephone rather than in person it’s important to realize that a voice can in fact hinder your success. Learn five key factors that can help you train your voice and ensure that when people hear you the hear success.

Nurturing the Relationships that Matter

We all run out of time. We are expected to increase our sales in numbers, but we often sit spinning our wheels wondering how to do so. It today’s economy it’s important to nurture the relationships that matter. That doesn’t mean just nurturing the potential clients that may sign tomorrow, but nurturing every relationship. Learn five tips that will help you in nurturing the relationships that matter. Which relationships matter? Every single one.

Shut-up and Sell!

Contrary to popular belief, to be a successful salesperson, it doesn’t matter how much you know about your product or service. It also doesn’t matter how much of an industry expert you are. Learn why it’s time to shut-up and sell.

15 Tips to Voicemail Survival for the Sales Professional

Are you having trouble getting through the electronic gatekeeper called voicemail? Here are 15 proactive tips for the sales professional that will help you get your telephone calls returned.

To Attract Attention, You have to Show Off

To attract attention in your industry, you have to show off. Well-known people became well-known because they showcased themselves, how can you showcase your work so that people begin to notice you? Learn how to get started in showing off your talents and knowledge. Here are 8 steps that will get you noticed.

The 12 Most Important Lessons In Specialty Store Retailing

Bob Nelson, President of POWER Retailing, shares the importance of being “Semper Gumby.”

How to Write Effective Direct Mail Sales Letters

This success formula written by guest author Brad Dunn will show you how to write an effective direct mail sales letter that will get a response.

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